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In Kerala, for the first time, all kinds of building materials are available in a fingertip

In this age of online technology where everything is available at a fingertip, uutu is the first mobile app to help merchants and consumers in Kerala.
Now you can easily buy and sell all kinds of building materials online. The special feature of this mobile app is that customers can order essential items right from home and deliver them to their destinations.

uutu contains the exact price of all the products needed to build a home, their other information, and the detailed information of the vendors or firms in the area of the customers. This enables buyers to bring home the right order at the right price with a mobile phone without any intermediaries

uutu supplies a wide range of materials, including hardware, electricals, sanitary ware, furniture, building materials (sand, bricks, stones, cement, steel and tiles). For this purpose, merchants belonging to these categories can register their companies with the uutu mobile app. An application has been created for merchants to do this.

By doing this, merchants can add a photo of all the items in their shop and other information about them. One of the advantages of this is that all communication with the delivery can be done through this application.

Another important feature of the uutu app is the delivery app. Merchants who follow orders of customers can contact the delivery staff of the respective area through App and share the customer’s location with them. Then, the items ordered are firmly secured to customers.

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